I fell in love with Mary when I attended a birth with her and she was the birth photographer (I was the doula). I was 5 weeks pregnant with my third and I knew I wanted her to be the photographer at my birth! Because my birth plans changed last minute and I ended up at the hospital instead of the birth center; my doula ended up not being able to attend - so Mary played the role of doula AND photographer and she was amazing!!! I was so happy she captured the birth of my son and did so in a tasteful and beautiful way while also supporting me emotionally! She also took the most incredible family portraits of us and they’re the most beautiful pictures of our family! Mary is a very talented photographer and doula!!

Abby Williams

As your doula...

It is my goal to support your family emotionally, physically, and informationally, through pregnancy, birth, and beyond and to empower you to make the best decisions for your family. It is my honor to support your family during your birth and to help you to have your best birth experience.

I am also passionate about supporting families postpartum to make the transition of adding a new baby smoother and help them to navigate the different emotions and challenges that can arise during this vulnerable and exhausting period. Your new baby is not the only member of the family that will be needing extra care during the postpartum stage. Your whole family will need extra support as you adjust, especially mom, and I find great joy in helping to provide that to you.


Mom and dad with new baby on mom's chest just after birth | Heart & Hands Birth Services | doula & photography

Birth Doula

Birth is one of the most important events of our lives. Your birth has a profound impact on you, your baby, and your family. My services include prenatal and postpartum visits as well as labor and birth support.


Postpartum Doula

Bringing a new baby into the family is a huge adjustment. I would love to help support you in your postpartum journey through household chores and tasks, breastfeeding support, meal prep, childcare, and more.

$80/4-hour shift
Home birth mother in pool holding birth doulas hands | Heart & Hands Birth Services | doula & photography

Doula + Photography

I offer packages combining my doula and photography skills such as birth doula + birth photography or postpartum doula + newborn photography. Let's chat about your wishes for your unique situation.

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Doula and photographer serving Richland Center, WI and a surrounding radius of up to 60 miles.

Richland Center, WI

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